ID 492: Special Topics in Industrial Design – Furniture Design

Instructor: Matěj Chabera
Credits: 3
GEP: Elective

Course Description

Furniture Design is a course addressed to industrial design students and future designers. The instruction pivots on the balance between ‘thinking’ (theory, criticism, analysis) and ‘making’ (models, testing, materials) as the fundamental part of the design process. The course focuses on the process of developing a design product from beginning to end.

The course instructor, Václav, holds a position of Design Director at BOMMA, an interior design company. He supervises designers who are tasked to pitch design proposals on innovative company products. Such experience led him to becoming an expert in developing design products and understand how to guide and navigate young and future talents in developing their design products.

At first, students will be introduced to thinking about the target consumers. Then, they will exercise the methods of analytical and critical examination to reconcile the needs of the consumer with the manufacturers’ possibilities and limitations. Eventually, students will be required to produce a physical prototype of a final design product (1:1 size ratio) that will be pitched and presented to a potential client. Students will be asked to document the entire process of their creation (e.g., photos, videos, sketches). Thus, students will have a chance to follow a guideline in developing their creative thinking, but also work towards developing their own design portfolio.

Learning Outcomes

Professional skills
Furniture Design Course prepares students for a real-world situation in their future design career. It is not only about creating outstanding physical design outcome but also understanding the whole process of how to present and sell successfully their ideas to their future clients. Students will learn basic rules how to engage clients and communicate their ideas in the most efficient way.

Individual approach to students
This course focuses on multi-level personal development and independent creative strategic thinking. Every student gets enough opportunity to show their individuality and everyone will get tailored responses to ensure their best progress and good use of time during the course. Experiencing this course will make a young talented student of a creative discipline into a realistically thinking who is capable of creating success from their resources.