ID 492: Special Topics in Industrial Design – Design in Business Context

Instructor: Matěj Chabera
Credits: 3
GEP: Elective

Course Description

This course is mainly for design students who have serious interest in designing and being a competitive professional in the real world. The focus of all instructions is to give each student an early qualification experience in being successful outside of university. It is strongly adviced to have some experience creating models and prototypes out of any materials. The course is based on working with a real client (a company or institution) outside of university in response to a structured brief using a a complex and versatile design process that is explored deeply in the lessons. The instructor approaches every student individually and puts maximum attention on improving students’ methods, comfort in creating and on connecting theoretical concepts with practical execution and presentation where the client is the key factor. It is ideal for students looking for an independent career as a designer, a creative director, a studio owner or design-based business owner. Successful students producing great work stand a chance of closing a real contract with the participating client.