ADN 490: Art + Design International Studio – Drawing and Etching

Instructor: Irena Bujárková
Credits: 6
GEP: Elective

Course Description

The Drawing and Etching program is intended as a practical exercise course. Provide instructions on how to watch and how to draw. It is divided into two parts: drawing and etching.

Drawing lessons

Students will use different techniques (pencil, charcoal, ink drawing, line wash drawing) to capture the various motives (still life, portrait, bouquet, figure and landscape drawing, memory drawing). That shows the wide range of options and uses of drawing as an independent artistic expression.

During the lessons, students will focus on basic rules, especially: composition, perspective, contrast, line, proportion. Going through the gradual transition from simple to more complex drawings. Throughout the lessons, students are individually corrected.

Etching course

During this course students will produce their own graphic sheets. They will test different types of intaglio techniques (etching, soft ground etching, aquatint, dry-point and their combinations). But whatever the medium is used, it is essential to emphasis that the goal in every case is to create an original print as opposed to a reproduction. That is to say that students will work out their design directly onto the printing surface (matrix) as the first stage of a printing process that will produce the final original print.

Fundamentally, students will conceive the image as a print, not as a drawing, and will work directly on the printing surface. They will be assisted by a skilled print maker and be involved at every stage of the printing process personally and give the final approval of the finished print.

In addition, students can view the original prints of famous Czech graphic artists created in different techniques.

Workshop will be held in a private intaglio workshop led by artistic printer Vladimír Bujárek (he has been working for 35 years as a lecturer of intaglio techniques at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague, now the University of Architecture and Design and he has been cooperating 15 years with American students). He works for a leading Czech and foreign artists.

The necessary tools are available to rent at the workshop.

Each student will create the finish product – the own catalog (A4), which is worked on consistently throughout the course, including copies of drawings and etchings created during the class. At the beginning of each lesson there will be a brief introduction to the technique and demonstration.