Cost & Funding

Study abroad is an investment in personal, academic, and professional growth. Students typically pay for their programs with a combination of financial aid, scholarships, and personal funds. Early planning is key to ensuring that students are able to benefit from all available resources.

NC State Prague Program Costs

ProgramAdmin FeeRemaining BalanceTotal Program Cost*Budget Sheet
Summer: Classic$350$5,500$5,850Budget Sheet
Summer: E 101$350$5,500$5,850Budget Sheet
Summer: Internship$350$5,500$5,850Budget Sheet
Fall: Classic$450$10,800$11,250Budget Sheet
Fall: Prague Connect$450$10,500$10,950Budget Sheet
Spring: Classic$450$10,800$11,250Budget Sheet
Spring: Global Leadership Minor$450$11,500$11,950Budget Sheet

*Please note: there is no extra cost for out-of-state students. All cost information is tentative and subject to change. Non-billable dollar amounts are approximate. Please be prepared to pay additional personal expenses.

In addition to tuition, housing, excursions, and transportation pass, the following items are also included in the program cost:

  • Orientation activities and materials, including a city tour of Prague
  • GeoBlue international accident and health insurance
  • Access to on-site library, computer lab, and kitchen
  • Wi-Fi internet access at NC State Prague and accommodations
  • Optional non-credit courses including a Czech culinary course
  • Field trips to local cultural events including museums, galleries and performances (options vary depending on program)

Items NOT included in the program cost:

  • International airfare
  • Meals
  • Supplies and personal expenses
  • Textbooks and studio materials
  • Passport fee
  • Visa fees (Fall & Spring Classic Programs Only)


Resources for Funding Study Abroad