About us


The NC State European Center in Prague exists to support the educational and outreach objectives of NC State University. It is the only permanent year-round international facility that welcomes both students and faculty. Our aim is to be the NC State gate way to Europe for developing international networks and experiences.


Founded in 1991 NC State University’s College of Design began by offering summer programs in Prague, including Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Art & Design, and Graphic Design.
The institute started providing a year round program under Dean Marvin Malecha’s leadership in 2005, making it the first permanent overseas facility within the UNC System. It continued to be expanded and became the NC State University Prague Institute, an initiative of the College of Design, in the same year.

From July 1st 2017 The Prague Institute was transfered out of College of Design into Office of Global Engagement with the name NC State European Center in Prague.

At the same time the NC State Prague has moved from the cradle in Michalska to bigger and more up to date facilities in Male Namesti 1, only a couple of hundred meters down the street.

Profile and Idea

NC State Prague is the European Study Abroad facility serving NC State students.
Traditionally the Institute has focused on students from the College of Design. With the reorganization it is the intention, that the NC State Prague will offer study activities to all NC State students who want to visit Europe for a Study Abroad term.
All the courses and faculty at NC State Prague have all been approved and accredited by the respective departments at NC State University and the NC State Campus in Raleigh.
Here at the NC State Prague, we are very proud of the high academic standard and quality of our courses. Most faculty members are Czech, but many also have international experience. We aim to develop an atmosphere at the Center that is interdisciplinary and international, while at the same time helping American students to have a profound European experience and get the very most out of their stay.

We also are reaching out to faculty for either short time faculty led programs, symposiums as well for long term stays.

From July 1st 2017, The NC State Prague Institute under College of Design has changed to be organised under Office of Global Engagement. The Name is now NC State European Center in Prague.

The NC State Prague has two offices, one in Prague and one in Raleigh. Please see contact information.


Our success would not have been possible without the efforts of many individuals as well as the commitment from the University’s administration.

A special thanks to:

  • Marvin Malecha, former Dean of the College of Design,
  • Art Rice, Associate Dean for Graduate and International Studies,
  • Dottie Haynes, former Assistant Dean for Budget & Administration,
  • Dana Bartelt, former Director of NC State Prague (Prague Institute),
  • Karla Hammer, Resident Coordinator,
  • Michael Rodrigues, Budget Manager,
  • Robert Burns, Professor of Architecture,
  • Paul Tesar, Professor of Architecture,
  • and Peter Kjaer, former Director of NC State Prague.