Meet Brooke Goodgame

Brooke Goodgame, a third-year education major, spent her fall semester studying abroad in Prague. She waited untill her third year to go abroad because she is from Texas and wanted time to explore NC State and Raleigh. As an enjoyer of cooler weather and fall colors, she chose to go abroad during the fall semester. Brooke took astronomy, sociology, Educational psychology and Contemporary Moral Issues here at NC State European Center in Prague. She enjoys drawing and dancing and even found dancing classes she could take here in Prague.

How does this study abroad opportunity benefit you and your needs?

Studying abroad with NC State in Prague allowed me to attend the classes I would have taken back home but in an entirely new country! The European Center has many great class options that fulfill degree requirements for education-focused majors like mine. The classes I’ve attended here have no more than eight people, which greatly benefited my academic experience. After graduating, I plan to teach abroad, so this program has been an exciting glimpse into my future career.  Studying abroad has helped me become more independent than ever before, and yet there is still plenty of support and structure since there is someone on staff here to help you with just about anything – from practical issues to mental health concerns. 

What’s your favorite activity you did in Prague?

I have so many, but one of my favorites would be spending time in the parks here! Prague has many beautiful green spaces that are especially lovely in the fall. They often have beautiful views of the city, which one can enjoy during the day and night.

How did this experience help change you and your college experience?

At the beginning of college, I met many new people, but over the next few years, I unintentionally created a bubble around myself. I felt so comfortable with the friends I had I didn’t spend much time meeting new people. Before coming, I hadn’t met anyone in the study abroad program, which has helped me become more outgoing and connect with people in other majors that I wouldn’t have met otherwise! The people I’ve met here have changed my college experience for the better, as all good friendships do! The amount of new places I’ve gone to by myself here has also helped me develop more independence, which I believe will help me venture out to more places out of my comfort zone once I get back to college and post-graduation.

What is the most interesting fact you learned about the Czech Republic and its culture?

One of the most interesting things I’ve learned about the Czech Republic is its religiosity (or lack thereof) here. Although there are incredibly ornate church buildings around every corner,  people often consider it the most secular country in Europe.

Were you scared of coming to a different country?

Very much so, but it’s been so worth it! I’ve been to other countries, but this is the first time I’ve gone internationally by myself and internationally to live. I was most nervous about being at such a distance from everyone important to me, but even with the time difference, I can talk to my friends and family back home quite often. I was worried about forming connections, but it’s just like going anywhere new – I’ve made plenty of great relationships here with whom I will be staying in touch once I get back home.

Would you recommend other students to visit Prague?

I absolutely would recommend other students to visit Prague! It’s impossible to come here and not grow and mature in one’s academic and personal life. I think everyone who comes here will make amazing friends and memories while being able to work towards completing their degree.