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Meet Bree Smith

Smiling girl student in Prague

Bree Smith is a student at East Carolina University coming from Wake Forest. She chose NC State Prague for her semester abroad and joined our Classic Spring 2020 program. In this interview, Bree shares her takeaways from the semester, and why she set her sights on NC State Prague. 

What is your major?

I am a biology major.

Why did you choose to come to Prague?

I chose to come to Prague because of the beautiful city, excellent program, as well as the flexibility and length of stay.

How did you find out about NC State Prague study abroad program and why did you choose this university?

I had a friend who attended the NC State Prague summer program and told me how much he enjoyed it. I looked more into the spring classic program and found it to be an excellent fit for my studies. I am not an NC State student currently, I attend East Carolina University. However, the NC State study abroad staff were wonderful and accommodating to me as a non- NC State student.

How was studying in Prague different from studying in Greenville?

The setting in Prague was incredible! There are so many beautiful cafés, bistros, and little coffee shops where I enjoyed learning my class material. I think Greenville, NC, is a much less interesting and exciting place to study in. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t get any studying done in Prague!

What was your favorite place in Prague or the Czech Republic?

My favorite place in Prague was Zizkov! I absolutely loved living in Prague 3 and exploring all the nooks and crannies of our neighbourhood!

What is your favorite memory from Prague?

I have so many beautiful memories from Prague. One of my favorites would definitely be exploring around the old town in my free time. I really loved walking around the city, looking at the buildings, and regularly going across Charles Bridge!

What were the challenges you had to face during the program?

I had to face one big challenge while in Prague. I got very sick after traveling to Milan, Italy, for a weekend. Unfortunately, my friends and I decided to visit Milan right before we became aware of the coronavirus outbreak. When I returned to Prague, I had to quarantine away from my classmates, which was no fun! Another challenge that I know a lot of students face was the feeling of homesickness and being away from friends and loved ones. Luckily having FaceTime and email/text messaging at our disposal, they never felt too far away. It felt different being so disconnected from life back home.

Did the study abroad program change you? If yes, how?

Studying abroad in Prague definitely gave me the travel bug! I am now itching to explore all over, as well as learn new cultures and languages! I am currently applying to different dental schools across the United States. This experience is definitely something I can share in my applications.

Do you miss anything from Prague now that you’re back home?

I miss Pilsner! And fried cheese, as well as the culture and beautiful surroundings in Prague! I miss hearing the Czech language, as well as seeing all the history around the city.

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