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International Experiences Come to Life at Think and Do in 2

Students shared their powerful global experiences during the annual storytelling competition, Think and Do in 2, on Monday night. The event kicked off International Education Month and highlighted the range of immersive international experiences that students have embarked on, from studying abroad in far-away countries to being international students at NC State.

During the event, eight student competitors shared their global stories in a two-minute presentation accompanied by six personal photos from their experiences. The audience heard about the life lessons learned in new environments around the world, including trying out public transportation in new places, making a family out of new friends, and staying true to your heritage in new cultures.

For the first time this year, three judges chose the winner and first-runner up. The third award was the audience’s choice. Congratulations to all of the competitors in this year’s Think and Do in 2.

Competition Winner: Shawn Fredericks

Major: international studies
Presentation Title: “Lessons from Ghana: We Are All a Part of One Big Village”
Fredericks spoke about his study abroad experience during a summer program in Ghana.

Shawn giving a speech.

First Runner Up: Zainab Homoud

Major: biomedical engineering
Presentation Title: “Hijabi in an Island”
Homoud is an international student from Saudi Arabia and spoke about her experience wearing a hijab in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Zainab giving a speech.

Audience Choice: Thabani Mtsi

Major: civil engineering
Presentation Title: “The Extraordinary Ordinary”
Mtsi spoke about his experience as an exchange student from South Africa.

Thabani giving a speech.


2019 storytellers:

Thank you to Marian Fragola, James Kiwanuka-Tondo, and Chu Zhang, winner of the 2018 Think and Do in 2, for serving as judges in the event. Thank you to Student Body President Emma Carter for moderating the event. Watch the full event video.

This post was originally published in Office of Global Engagement.