Spend a semester in Prague at the NC State Prague Institute

Food and beverages like you’ve never imagined. One of the cheapest places in Europe. Get lost wandering the medieval cobblestoned streets. Put yourself in places you’ve never been. Learn a completely different language and culture. Have the adventure of your young adult life.


I spent five months in one of the most enticing cities in the world, and I have never been more excited to call a foreign place home. I fell in love with the cuisine, the streets, the buildings, and the people. You might think that a place that can be so cold and snow covered would have a stifled culture and cold, unwelcoming people. Prague is a city with a long and rich history, a vibrant culture, and the warmest of people. Prague is different than anywhere in the United States. But you don’t travel abroad to go to visit the same place you left, do you?

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All my life I have wanted to explore a place that I knew nothing about. I wanted to go where I didn’t know the language. I didn’t want to know the map. I didn’t want to have already had the food. I wanted to get lost. I wanted to be alone with a city. I wanted to meet friends that I will keep forever. I wanted to lose control and then force myself to get it back. I wanted to find my way. I was looking for a place that I would want to return to. I spent five months in the most enticing city in the world and every day I want to go back. I wanted to find my place, and I found Prague.

author: Gary Meyer